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Restaurant in Peebles | Dining Out near Edinburgh | Mothering Sunday

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The Horseshoe Restaurant

MOTHERING SUNDAY LUNCH - 26th march 2016

Cullen skink, crispy haddock brandade

Smoked salmon, radicchio, lemon creme fraiche, lentil dressing, dill

Ale, steak and kidney tart, celeriac, pickled mushroom


Roast sirloin, roast root vegetables, greens, Yorkshire pudding

Steamed hake, parsley, mussels, potato and leek, saffron broth

Crispy vegetable roll, squash, spinach, seeds and pine nuts


Rhubard, ginger and sherry trifle, ginger sorbet

White chocolate and yoghurt, Victoria sandwich, rose ice cream

Selection of cheese, chutney, celery, date, crackers


£30 Three courses; £25 Two courses

£5 Coffee and petits fours